Endorsed Services


MHA Ventures’ Endorsed Services Program offers over 50 competitive agreements and programs designed to meet each individual member’s needs. Every endorsed company of MHA Ventures is put through an extensive vetting process before gaining our seal of approval. We connect Montana hospitals with trusted business partners who provide affordable, real world solutions.

Consulting & Outsourcing

Anti-Microbial Stewardship Innovations
Pharmacist Consultancy for Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Stewardship
Contact: Josh Carracio, (423) 653-4967, josh.caraccio@asinnovations.net

Carlson, Gould and Associates
Healthcare Management Consulting for Strategy, Growth, Operations, Revenue and Implementation
Contact:  Steve Carlson, (406) 214-1727, scarlson@carlsongould.com

Core Control, Inc.
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Products and Servicing
Contact: Brian Johnson, (406) 582-9428 or (406) 579-6382,  brianj@corecontrolmt.com

Dayspring Restoration
Full Service Restoration, Cleaning, Sanitization Services and General Contracting
Contact:  Bill Newman, (406) 443-0964, billn@dayspringrestoration.com

Granny’s Alliance
Disaster Preparedness Education
Contact: Kim Friend, (208) 863-6045, kimf0310@gmail.com

Healthcare Coding and Consulting Services (HCCS)
Medical Records Coding Services
Contact: Addison Brewster, (719) 964-5966, abrewster@hccscoding.com

InSight Telepsychiatry
Telepsychiatry service provider company
Contact: Richard Field, (949) 478-1237, rfield@cfgpc.com

Healthcare Compliance Training and Consulting
Contact:  Brian Williams, (909) 894-0906, brian@medtrainer.com

Modio Health
Centralized credentialing system
Contact: Paul Nimitz, (804) 314-9658, paul.nimitz@modiohealth.com

Monida Healthcare Network
Peer Review
Contact: Staci Flynn, (406) 829-2380, staci@monida.com

Radstar Consulting, Inc.
Purchase Radiology Equipment
Contact: John Bruchas, (847) 856-8006, radstar@comcast.net

Remi Group
Guaranteed Savings on Equipment Maintenance Service Agreements & Warranties
Contact: Melissa Lemer, (704) 840-1029, melissa.lemer@theremigroup.com

Robard Corporation
Obesity Treatment Medical Programs, Medical Protocols, Nutrition Supplements and Staff Training
Contact: Lynda Lewis, (856) 778-8080, lynda@robard.com

Helps hospitals transition to fee for value and risk-based models
Contact: Marc Bryant, (609) 336-7733 or (732) 904-9279, marc.bryant@spectramedix.com

Tetra Tech
Public Health and Health Care Emergency Planning, Training and Exercise; Mitigation and Recovery Planning Services; Regulatory Compliance Assessments, Audits and Preparation
Contact:  Jason Geneau, (626) 351-4664, jason.geneau@tetratech.com; Colin McCoy, (406) 437-9814, colin.mccoy@tetratech.com

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Equipment & Supplies

Personal Human Waste Management Products
Contact: Carri Roberge, (406) 388-5999, carrir@cleanwaste.com

Commercial Energy *
Natural Gas Network, Energy Cost Containment
Contact: Pete Hetherington, (406) 873-3300, pete.hetherington@commercialenergy.net

Core Medical Imaging, Inc.
Radiology Equipment
Contact: Gary Brown, (425) 485-4140, garyb@coremedicalimaging.com

General Distributing Co.
Medical Gases & Related Supplies/Equipment
Contact: Brian Gonzales, (406) 498-6795, bgonzales@gendco.com

Insight Imaging
Mobile and Wholesale Imaging Solutions for MRI, CT and PET/CT
Contact:  Jeff Zupke, (224) 339-0484, jzupke@insighthealth.com

Medical, Surgical, Lab Distribution
Contact: Trevor Compton, (801) 791-0000, trevor.compton@mckesson.com

Molecular Testing and Diagnostic Equipment Manufacturer
Contact: Jon Langland, (406) 381-7952, jon.langland@quidel.com

Response Biomedical Corporation
Cardiovascular and Immune Testing
Contact: Angela Carter, (604) 881-4759, acarter@responsebio.com

S. Conley Sales
HVAC Manufacturer’s Rep Agency
Contact: Tami Weist, (406) 585-7333, tamiw@sconleysalesinc.com

Spacelabs Health Care
Patient Monitoring & Connectivity, Diagnostic Cardiology, Anesthesia Delivery & Ventilation
Contact: Shane Criddle, (509) 688-3934, shane.criddle@spacelabs.com

Stericycle, Inc. *
Hazardous, Infectious and Medical Waste Management Network
Contact: Ron Adams, (208) 215-6116, radams@stericycle.com

Vizient, Inc. (formerly MedAssets) *
Group Purchasing Organization
Contact: Kristyn Egbert, (406) 457-8022, kristyn.egbert@mtha.org
www.medassets.com and www.vizientinc.com

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Insurance & Benefits Management

Brentwood Services Administrators, Inc.
Workers Compensation Claims Administrators
Contact: Rick Whitten, (615) 869-1303, rick.whitten@bwood.com

CMC Insurance (CMCi)
Full-Service Insurance Agency
Contact: Joe Schimenti, (866)-216-7433, joes@cmcins.com

Consensus Management Corporation
Insurance Management Consulting Company and Insurance Agency
Contact: Joe Schimenti, (866) 216-7433, joes@consensusmgmt.com

Fringe Benefit Resources
Employee Short-term and Long-term Disability Employee Benefits Agency
Contact: Holly Frank, (406) 770-9057, fbrholly@gmail.com

Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. *
Employee Medical Benefits Consultancy and Brokerage Firm
Contact: Scott Arnim, (713) 358-5866, scott_arnim@ajg.com

ID Shield
Employee Benefits for Identity Theft Protection, Identity Restoration; Privacy & Security Monitoring and Consulting
Contact: Greg Kohn, (406) 697-8787, kohn_greg@yahoo.com

Design, Implementation & Service of Alternative Compensation Agreements
Contact: Jason Boccardi, (866) 234-9728, jason@lifesolutionz.org

MHA Workers’ Compensation Reciprocal *
Workers Compensation Insurance
Contact: Kim Wiens, (406) 442-1911, kim.wiens@mtha.org

Yellowstone Insurance Exchange, RRG *
Professional and General Liability Insurance
Contact: Joe Schimenti, (866) 216-7433, joes@yierrg.com

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Office & Information Technology

Clearwater Compliance
HIPAA and Cyber Risk Management Solutions
Contact:  Mark Harris, (510) 290-3461, mark.harris@clearwatercompliance.com

CrossTx Inc.
Provider Communication Tool
Contact: Brad Putnam, (406) 672-5251, brad@crosstx.com

Information Technology Core (ITC)
Technology Solutions
Contact: Donny Reichart, (406) 495-2673, donny@itcmt.com

Kyocera International, Inc.
Business and Office Equipment
Contact: Kris Katseanes, (208) 385-0175, kris.katseanes@da.kyocera.com

MarketWise, Inc.
Full Service Marketing and Web Design Agency
Contact: Guy W. Pridgen Jr., (615) 851-2154, gpridgenjr@marketwiseinc.com

NuQuo Group
Consultant for Savings on Copy and Printing Contracts
Contact: John Lamken, (208) 841-6751, jlamken@nuquo.com

TeleQuality Communications
Internet Access and Data Network Products and Services
Contact: Courtney Pitkin, (210) 408-0388 x123, courtney@telequality.com

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Recruitment & Retention

Exact MD
Physician Staffing and Job Posting
Contact: Paul Deen, (505) 221-6641 x1417, paul.deen@exactmd.com

Jackson Physician Search Permanent, LLC.
Physician Staffing
Contact: Harold Livingston, (214) 801-3774, hlivingston@jacksonandcoker.com

Physician Locum Tenens
Contact: Lew Benedict, ( 770) 853-2775 email: benedict@locumtenens.com

Medefis, Inc.
Temporary Nursing, Allied Health, and Physician Staffing
Contact: Doug Janes, (866) 711-6333 x109, dougj@medefis.com

MHA Connections *
Referral Based Recruitment
Contact: Allyson Hollingsworth, (406) 457-8047, allyson.hollingsworth@mtha.org

MTHospitalJobs.com *
Montana Hospital Job Posting Site
Contact: Brian Bauer, (866) 870-4885 ext. 801, brian@hospitalcareers.com

Nielsen Healthcare Group
C-Suite Temporary Staffing
Contact: Bruce Nielsen, (384) 984-0910, nhcg@primary.net

Healthcare Specific Background Screening
Contact: Donna Gilbert, (214) 299-9762, donnagilbert@precheck.com

Red Oak Relocations, LLC
Relocation Services For New Hires
Contact: John Clough, (952) 838-3679, john.clough@redoakrelocation.com

Wilderness Medical Staffing
Mid Level Locum Tenens
Contact: Noah McWilliams, (406) 214-6723, nmcwilliams@wildernessmedicalstaffing.com

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Revenue Cycle & Expense Management

Big Sky Commerce, Inc.
Payment Processing Services
Contact: Kevin Davis, (406) 327-0611, kevin@bigskycommerce.com

Express Recovery Services, Inc.
Collections and Receivables Management Services
Contact:  Rachel Quinn, ( 801) 631-7609, rachelq@expressrecovery.com

PARA Healthcare Financial Services, Inc.
Revenue Cycle Management
Contact: Sandra LaPlace, (800) 999-3332 ext. 225, slaplace@para-hcfs.com

Presort Plus, LLC.
Direct Mailing Services
Contact: Tom Kloster, (701) 224-1699, tomk@presortplus.net

SUNRx 340B
340B Discount Drug Program Administrators
Contact: Pat Regan, (267) 355-9342, pregan@sunrx.com

Risk Management Corporation
Contact: Brian Gonzales, (406) 498-6795, bgonzales@gendco.com

* MHA Partnership Program

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